Performance / Instilation

This work was began in 2008 . As is the case with many of my ideas it should be seen as ongoing and evolving . The giant caterpillar was concieved as a theatrical textile sculpture to be hoisted up and down in “ suspension” … “Transformation”.

Monster is a participatory work which invites the public to write personal texts in ink about the nature of transformation. The scale of the caterpillar gives the work a monstrous feeling and presence (Frankenstein , Alice in wonderland the medieaval symbolism of the transformation of the soul ) Slowly the cumulation of sinuous handwritten texts over the period of time are rendering the form less “material ” By imersing oneself in the texts the structure becomes less present and even ephemral rather like the process of the cacoon …the miraculous passage of the caterpillar to a butterfly. The Monster can be lowered to the ground easily by the system of pullies and ropes which enable participants to write their texts at designated periods




A donkey is not a Degenerate horse

The donkey is a complex character. Despite being renowned for their apparent stupidity, they are as we insiders know  very astute animals. Although their presence in everyday life (in most of our cities and countryside) is on the wane, the cultural place in our collective consciousness  retains a profoundly significant place . As animals Donkeys are invariably associated with serfdom , humility , burden , libido and oppression  as opposed to the symbol of the  Horse for example which is evokes,  noblity,  finesse and most  significantly the projection of power and status .