Bottle River


“And a river went out of Eden”.

In 2016 my wife and myself began an immense and memorable project together . We wanted to make a statement artistically about the enviroment and about its relationship to humanity , frontiers , migration and exile.

Working in our Berlin studio, and the BBK studios we began creating around 1800 ceramic vessels . Each piece would be individually crafted .... No automated processes were involved and attention was paid to every single ceramic object . The vessels were modelled upon the ubiquitous plastic water bottles ; the very same plastic bottles , which pollute the oceans and destroy nature , but at the same time are vessels for for drinkable water... The essence of Life. This paradox is an inherent part of the work , which we call „Bottle River“.

Bottle River is an expansive but fluid sculptural installation which adapts to each particular context or space, it mirrors water in this respect . Cascading down stairs, swelling auditoriums or funneling in sinuous streams along corridors . in monumental installations or more precipitated contextual constellations.